Karčiauskas Vytautas, a professional artist, gallery Pėda owner ,and memmber of Lithuanian Artists Association.

Exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (since 1976).

1978 - graduated from the Estonian State Art Institute.

In 1978. - Design Institute of Tartu (Estonia) has developed a spatial composition (H-16, 8 × 9 m).

In 1981. - Decorative panel "Energy" (H-6.5 m) in Klaipeda

In 1981. - Designed to panel "knowledge" (1.7 x 0.7 m.) Moscow (International Competition)

1982-1984 m. Klaipeda-created post of pigeons interior of the metal composition.

1980 .. - Souvenir of Moscow created in 1989 - 1990, the Olympic Games (International Competition)

In 1991. - Founded in Klaipėda Art Gallery "Pėda"

In 1996. - Mobile composition "Flight" (h - 2.5 m). TEO central building (Vilnius)

In 1998. - Personal exhibition "The Road" in Klaipėda

In 1999. - Set up his own sculpture park "Garden Isle" (2 ha letters, Klaipėda district).

In 2000-2001. Solo Exhibitions French Cultural center in Vilnius

In 2001. - Established an annual award in honor of the Klaipėda region doctors "wholeheartedly"

(partner dr. J. condition and Klaipėda Hospital)

In 2002. - Mobile sculpture "Taurus" (h-2 m.) (Athens)

In 2002. - Mobile design "Evolution" (H-2.3 m). Hotel Klaipėda (Klaipėda)

In 2004. - Set up an annual award of "Tolerance" for solemn enlightened West Lithuania

(Associate newspaper Klaipėda)

Since 2004. - Established KLASCO Award - for outstanding sculpture of Klaipeda University people. 

Author - Vytautas Karčiauskas

In 2005. - Given the status of Lithuanian artists

In 2007. - City have donated the sculpture "The Legend" (h - 3.6 m)

In 2007. 07 02 d. organized singing poetry festival, marking the first town of Klaipėda Name.

In 2008. - The Lithuanian reform movement marked the twentieth Klaipėda was initiated 

and developed a granite panel, "Our Movement"

In 2009. - Has an impressive sculpture of steel "Wave" 

(University of Klaipeda yard h, 2.3 × 5 × 1.5 m; architect G. Reisgys)

In 2009. - To create and deliver prizes worldwide regatta The Tall Ship's Races Baltic 2009 winners

(International Competition, co-author Laura Potet)

In 2010. - A mobile composition "I want to be ..." (h - 3,35 m.). This composition represents 

the Lithuanian art world exhibition in Shanghai Expo2010.

In 2010. - For the famous people in commemoration of achievements and active participation in cultural life

in the region of Klaipeda, V. Karčiauskas Klaipėda County was awarded a badge of honor.

2012. - Vytautas Karčiauskas represent the Lithuania art in worl exhibition Expo2012, Yeosu Korea.

2012. - Exibition with Laura Potet in Paris design week.

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